AVR CHRISTMAS OF 2003 AT THE TAYLORS.  The new Mary and Joseph with manger. 260 lights. Bill was troubled by very bad back trouble from late September and was not able to carry objects out. Many of the members  from the ASSINIBOINE VALLEY RAILWAY came to the aid of the display and set out all the old displays. Bill sat in the station and tested lights while others installed them. The plan was to build 12 new poinsettias and 12 new candy canes but Bill could not stand long enough to weld and paint the frames. There were 5 candy canes and one snow flake left from the previous year that had no lights on. Bill was able to put lights on to those objects as he could do it sitting. An idea was born. Surely some company made up wire frames so Bill went on the inter net and found a company from Tennessee that sold un-lit wire frames ready to go. (Christmas Done Bright) A batch were ordered and as Christmas drew near Bill wrapped lights on these and with help from others put them out. By the 15th of December Bill was finally able to walk our half mile of lighted trails and do regular repairs but a big thanks goes to Gil who carried out regular repair trips around the railway and walking trails. We have to constantly repair what is damaged by hungry squirrels, white tailed deer and two legged creatures that will not stay on trails. There are six more pictures of new displays completed for 2003-4 and some refurbished older ones.

  1. The traditional manger display set up this year by Bill's daughter and son-in-law.
  2. Two of five angels to stand watch over the display. Each has 110 lights.
  3. Two doves holding a red ribbon with a big wreath. 220 lights.
  4. One of four bicycles in yard moved to a new location.
  5. The newly re-lit piece on earth sign with 450 lights.
  6. Christmas bells with 150 lights.





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