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       A few of us continue to show up at the AVR on most Wednesday & Saturday afternoons to do some work & share stories over a cool one.
DSCN2124 (3)

We are well into the building of the 2 cabooses that have been planned for several years – work on this project has been taking place at the AVR, with Gil doing most of the wood work in his workshop!  Ed has gouged all the board lines to simulate siding. Vic & Len have also helped out with various parts of the project. Painting is almost complete on both cabooses (cabeese??), and most of the details have been added/fabricated – Len just needs to fabricate 8 stair sets, a few hand rails need to be installed, and undercarriage details need to be designed /fabricated.  Then it’s detail painting.

Cosmetic repairs have been completed on GP9 3001 – all the hand-rails are now reattached!
Repairs are being made to the dolly-moving winches which have been damaged for several years!  Len is working on this, with help & advice from Vic.

Len & Vic are working on designing & building the Tank Car kit, started several years ago by Frank.

Barry shows up for moral support.  Richard & Gordon are regulars on Saturdays, with Richard doing a yeoman’s job on re-ballasting!

This year the AGM was held on Saturday, February 27, from 1:00 to ~2:15 (!!!) in the AVR Station.  All paid-up Members were welcome, and some paid at the meeting!  Copies of the minutes have been e-mailed to AVR members.

The club no longer maintains a Station phone number, but e-mail, cell phone, and postal contact information is kept  up-to-date on the Contact page.  So, if you try and ring the old number and find it disconnected, it doesn’t mean we’ve gone away – come out and see for yourself on a Members’ Work Day or Public Open House/Rails.


The AVR will continue with the 2nd full weekend of each month, from June through October,
plus the 4th weekends in July & August.  Dates are:
June 11/12
July 9/10 & 23/24
August 13/14 & 27/28
September 10/11
October 8/9.

Saturdays: 11:00 – 5:00   Sundays: 1:00 – 5:00
Tickets:  1 ride – $2,  12 ride pass – $20 (good for any AVR Public Event)    2 & under ride free
(All minors must be accompanied by an adult)


Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the AVR will not have a Dinner Train Weekend this year.   Dinner Trains Waiting at Charleswood Station

                  SUCCESSFUL 2015 AVR DINNER TRAIN!
The AVR re-introduced the Fall Dinner Train Weekend on Saturday, September 19 & Sunday, September 20.   This was the first Dinner Train since Bill Taylor’s passing in August, 2013.  As before, participants ate on the train, 2 people to a car, up to 16 people per train.   The meal started with refreshments (soft drink, coffee, tea, or water), nibblies, & a fresh tossed salad with choice of dressing, for the first loop around the track.  The main course was a deluxe hamburger platter (or a hot dog platter for kids), consumed over 2 loops.  Dessert was pie with ice cream or whipped cream, or a dish of ice cream, for the 4th loop.  Each meal lasted about an hour.  Cost was $15 for adults & $12 for kids.  Reservations had to made and paid for by credit card, for specific times on a “first come first served”.
Many thanks to all the AVR members who helped make this weekend such a success.   A good time was had by all,  we got lots of very positive feedback, and the modest income certainly helped out our coffers!!  We served about 125 meals in all!


The AVR crew is very pleased to again offer afternoon rides, 1:00 – 4:00, in the 2016 Christmas season:
Saturday & Sunday December 17 & 18
          Monday & Tuesday December 26 (Boxing Day) & 27
          December 31 (New Year’s Eve) & January 1.

Come and enjoy riding through our snow-clad forest – there is no Light Display, but it is quite a different experience from the summer rides!  We hope for another Christmas of un-seasonably warm weather!

Check out a great video from Christmas 2015 on YouTube from City TV’s “Wheeler in the Morning”:


Edit Your Bookmark for the AVR

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This new AVR website is found at http://www.assiniboinevalleyrailway.org/.  If you got here by going to the old website, you might want to update your bookmarks with the new address – easy to remember, slightly harder to type.

All the old content was archived and is now available here!  Go to the Top Menu, click on “Old Pictures/History”, then on the hyperlink “old website content”.

Club Members:  If you would like to be able to post your own articles, contact president@assiniboinevalleyrailway.org for details on how to login and post.  All you need is a web browser!